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Guitar Girl Sarra Manning

Guitar Girl

Sarra Manning

Published 2003
263 pages
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 About the Book 

Seventeen-year-old Mollys band was always just about being a girl - singing Hello Kitty Speedboat and pretending to play instruments with her best mates Jane and Tara. But then the arrogant Dean and his sidekick T hijack the band and suddenly the fluffy girl band becomes The Hormones - a real band with a record deal - and theyre heading for the big time. Molly slips further and further away from her old life and straight into a tangled love-hate relationship with Dean. Then there are the constant parties, the drugs and the phonies who pretend to like you when they dont...Molly is living her dream, and shes never felt lonelier in her life. But has she got the strength to walk away from the band, and start again?