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ZZ/2 - Homotopy Theory M. C. Crabb

ZZ/2 - Homotopy Theory

M. C. Crabb

Published November 28th 1980
ISBN : 9780521280518
136 pages
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 About the Book 

This account is a study of twofold symmetry in algebraic topology. The author discusses specifically the antipodal involution of a real vector bundle - multiplication by - I in each fibre- doubling and squaring operations- the symmetry of bilinear forms and Hermitian K-theory. In spite of its title, this is not a treatise on equivariant topology- rather it is the language in which to describe the symmetry. Familiarity with the basic concepts of algebraic topology (homotopy, stable homotopy, homology, K-theory, the Pontrjagin Thom transfer construction) is assumed. Detailed proofs are not given (the expert reader will be able to supply them when necessary) yet nowhere is credibility lost. Thus the approach is elementary enough to provide an introduction to the subject suitable for graduate students although research workers will find here much of interest.